FAC Co. Travel Filter & Scoop Set

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Introducing our Travel Filter and Coffee Scoop sets 

Never get caught short again when out on your travels

The FAC Co. Travel Filters are washable and endlessly reusable, making them a great addition to your brew kit when away from home

Simply pop out the side mounted spring clips and place the filter over your favourite mug, add desired amount of ground coffee into the filter and pour over freshly boiled water. Allow to water to filter through for the perfect cup of FULL AUTHORITY COFFEE wherever you are! Then when you’re done, simply rinse and pack away until your next coffee stop


FAC Co. Travel Filter

- stainless steel/food grade plastic construction

- washable and endlessly reusable 

- spring clip mounts for easy placement and mounting over your favourite drinking vessel when pouring & brewing 

- folds down and fits perfectly inside your favourite travel mug/drinking vessel for ease of use and storage 

FAC Co. Spring clip Coffee Scoop

- metal construction 

- spring clip for mounting/sealing of coffee bags 


each kit contains:

  • x1 FAC Co. Travel Filter 
  • x1 FAC Co. spring clip metal coffee scoop